Local railway Krupá – Kolešovice

  • 555.0153 "Němka", Kněževes

    555.0153 "Němka", Kněževes

  • 423.094 "Bejček", Kněževes

    423.094 "Bejček", Kněževes

  • 354.7152 "Sedma", Kněževes

    354.7152 "Sedma", Kněževes

  • 423.094 "Sedma", Krupá

    423.094 "Bejček", Krupá

  • 354.7152 "Sedma", Kněževes

    354.7152 "Sedma", Kněževes

  • 555.0153 "Němka", Krupá

    555.0153 "Němka", Krupá

Historical steam trains for public

Times of a manual hops picking or regular steam trains operation have passed. Local railway Krupá – Kolešovice runs through many hop-fields and village Kněževes, which used to be a temporary home for thousands of hops pickers during harvesttime. Come and enjoy a romantic journey to the past with our historical steam trains.

We are looking forward to season 2019.